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10 Top Reasons To Have a Belize Family Summer Vacation  

Belize Family Summer Vacation

You want your kids happier and smarter, right? And you don’t want to have to sell the house to assure them of these benefits, right? We’ve got 10 compelling reasons to summer in Belize and bring the family. Some of these are funny and others are serious. All of them are likely to compel you to say yes!

Reason #1: You would like to see your child’s amazed face when she spots a loquacious Howler Monkey, endangered manatee and other varieties of wildlife, some of which only reside in Belize.Reason #2: You can afford to go during the summer. Rates are so low, you’ll wonder why you never thought of a vacation in Belize before now. All inclusive packages help you plan for costs up front.

Reason #3: There’s so much to do and see, your kids will be too exhausted by day’s end to fight with their siblings. It’s true. You may wish to photograph this miracle to prove it happened.

Reason #4: Each family member can pick a favorite adventure since there’s so much from which to choose: snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, fly fishing, kayaking, birding, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, cave exploration and more.

Reason #5: It’s good for your child’s intellect to be challenged by new sites, sounds and tastes. Tours of Belize’s unique culture include exploring Mayan villages and caves, spotting https://winters.com/propecia-1mg/ medicinal plants, chocolate making and this nation’s unique ecosystem.

Reason #6: If your kids are expected to learn a foreign language when they return to school, this is their opportunity to practice in real time. While English is the first language of Belize, Spanish is spoken here, too.

Reason #7: You can re-learn the art of talking to each other minus televisions, smartphones, video games and the distractions that keep family members from having a decent conversation for weeks on end.

Reason #8: When families spend time together, kid’s brains are flooded with happy chemicals, and since it only takes 20 minutes in nature to add to that rush, it’s not unusual for parents to notice lots of grins on the faces of perpetually moody teens.

Reason #9: According to the Family Holiday Association in the UK, 49-percent of participants in a recent study said that their happiest and most vivid childhood memories came from their family vacations. In fact, many said that those memories still keep them grounded when going through difficult, stressful times.

Reason #10: Wait until you see your child’s metamorphosis as a direct result of interacting with people they meet while on holiday. From Belize shopkeepers to hotel personnel and ordinary people from all walks of life, this incidental lesson intolerance has the potential to stay with your kids for the entirety of their lives!

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