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A Family Adventure Vacation: Exploring the Reef & Rainforest of Belize

Whether it’s exploring the green depths of a pristine rainforest or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Belize is an excellent destination for family adventure vacations. 

About the same size as Vermont but with a population of just 400,000 people, Belize is a natural wonderland with adventure opportunities everywhere you look. With deep jungles and rainforests teeming with life on the mainland and the largest coral reef system in North America, Belize truly has something for every member of the family to enjoy. 

Belize is located in Central America just south of Mexico’s famous Yucatan Peninsula. Surrounded on all sides by Spanish-speaking countries, Belize stands out because it is the only former British colony in the region, and English is the official language of Belize. Almost entirely rural, Belize is home to a true “melting pot” society where different cultures live harmoniously side by side, and Belizeans are world famous for their genuine friendliness and hospitality. 

In Belize, you don’t have to wait to experience nature. The moment you step off the plane in Belize City, nature is everywhere. Heading down the well-named Hummingbird Highway, you’ll enjoy some of the most scenic parts of the country. Perhaps you’ll even stop along the way to enjoy some homemade food at a roadside diner or simply want to spend some time admiring the fantastic views. 

More than half of Belize’s territory is protected as a national park, animal sanctuary, or wildlife refuge. You can visit educational centers and prospering coops where local people work hard to protect indigenous wildlife. You can also sign up for a guided tour of the lush nature in Belize’s interior, including horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, zip lining, and cave tubing (floating down jungle rivers that go underground through caves). And if that’s not enough, Belize is home to hundreds of ancient Maya pyramids, palaces, and colossal temples, many of which have not yet been excavated. 

Want more? Hop on a boat and head to the islands where golf carts are the only form of transportation and beach barbecues are mandatory. You can strap on some dive gear and enjoy exploring areas like Shark Ray Alley where thousands of rays and (harmless) sharks gather. Or visit one of Belize’s marine conservation areas where huge schools of colorful fish and anemones abound in the crystal clear waters. 

If you’re ready for an unforgettable family vacation, be sure to book your travels with Adventures in Belize.