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Does Adventure Travel in Belize Top Your Bucket List?

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Were you born with an adventurous soul or have you developed one as you’ve grown older? What matters is that you have been fortunate to discover within you the spirit of an explorer and the courage of an adventurer, which is why adding an adventure vacation in Belize to launch your bucket list of activities is a no brainer.

What’s an adventure vacation? It’s your opportunity to learn more about yourself than you ever imagined. It’s also your chance to meet like-minded people whose paths you wouldn’t cross were you to stick to your standard vacation behavior and neither gone out on a limb nor tested your ability to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.

Why is adventure travel just what the doctor ordered? Because scientists have proven that nothing substitutes in terms of how this type of travel impacts ones outlook, mental health and https://www.woolcool.com/ativan-for-sale/ physical wellbeing. Translation? It improves quality of life, not to mention photos you take that require several multiple memory cards to store!

What can adventure traveling do for you?
1. You stay active, so you return home with more muscle tone than added weight.
2. A 2010 Japanese study found that wilderness trips boost immune systems for 30 days after one returns.
3. You need more sleep and you won’t necessarily get it on a sedentary vacation.
4. Stanford University researchers say that mountains, jungles, waterfalls and vistas trigger endorphin rushes.
5. Make adventure travel a priority and you may forestall memory impairment that comes with aging.
6. Your sense of accomplishment is empowering so you become a role model.
7. There’s no better way to make lifelong friends than by adventuring together.
8. You’ll probably become a steward of the planet after a single adventure.

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Why Belize?
-This nearby country is just a two-hour plane ride from major U.S. cities.
-Everyone speaks English, so you’ll understand every word your guides say.
-The nation’s topography is remarkable: mountains, rivers, caves, ruins, jungles, seashore and more.
-Belize caters to adventure travelers; It’s fast becoming the adventure travel capitol of the world.
-At just 8,867 square miles, you’ll spend more time exploring than traveling to destinations.
-Belize loves visitors. Welcoming, warm smiles abound, no matter where you go.
-Whether you tube into a cave or zipline over tree canopies, there are so many choices, everyone finds their passion.

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