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Belize Adventure Tours

Adventures in Belize (AIB) has created a number of specially designed Belize tours so that visitors can enjoy all the beauty and excitement of this amazing country. 

Belize adventure tours include trips to wildlife sanctuaries, explorations of ancient Maya cities, horse back riding through national parks, and cave tubing (floating down underground rivers using kayaks or inflatable inner tubes). 

AIB also offers Belize jungle tours to learn more about this biodiverse environment home to hundreds of bird species, exotic wildlife like jaguars and monkeys, as well as hundreds of fragrant and beautiful flowering plants. Activities include canoeing down pristine rivers, bird watching, hiking, and visiting majestic waterfalls.

For visitors interested in learning more about Belize’s incredible biodiversity, AIB offers a wide selection of Belize nature tours. This includes exciting activities like zip lining through the canopy as well as boat safaris deep into the heart of the rainforest to learn about traditional medicinal plants and see wildlife in its native habitat.

Once the heartland of the enormous Maya civilization, Belize has more pyramids, palaces, and plazas built by the ancient Maya than anywhere else on the planet. AIB’s Belize Maya ruins tours include trips to legendary sites such as Xunantunich that once battled with Tikal for supremacy of the region, explorations of the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave that was used for performing human sacrifices, and Caracol, home to the fabulous Sky Palace that is still one of the tallest manmade structures in the country.

For visitors interested in seeing the beaches and the islands, AIB also offers complete Belize Barrier Reef tours. The reef is the second-largest of its kind in the world, second only the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Home to hundreds of beautiful islands and coral atolls, the reef has some of the best fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling to be found anywhere. Tours include the chance to see animals like dolphins and manatees as well as get up close and person with vast schools of fish, colorful anemones, and endangered species such as sea turtles and migrating birds.

Belize’s unique landscape includes large areas of limestone cliffs and hills that contain hundreds of miles of underground caves that can be explored. AIB’s cave tours include the opportunity to see ceremonial sites once used by ancient Maya priests to conduct solemn religious rituals as well as see artifacts, ceremonial offerings, and other objects that lay undiscovered for more than 1,000 years.