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Attention Adventure Junkies: Belize Awaits You!

Plenty of people vacation in Belize to do nothing but snooze because they’re overworked, overly committed and overwhelmed. For adventurers, there’s no way to work off stress and vanquish demands than by getting outside themselves and jumping into thrilling activities. 

If this describes you, there’s no place on earth like Belize to feed your need for adventure. At Adventures in Belize, we know how you feel because we’ve been satisfying the appetites of adventurers for years. Join us. As Belize’s premier adventure travel company, we don’t make promises we can’t keep! 

Hike a rainforest

This is a terrific way to launch your adventure tour because beautifully-maintained trails and knowledgeable guides are all you need to trek Belize’s spectacular rainforests. Exercise your calves as you explore, wearing comfy clothing and toting binoculars, a camera and your curiosity. 

Get your cave on

Once you’ve seen the land, visit the underworld: Belize’s network of caves. In addition to geological wonders, experience Maya ceremonial enclaves where priests performed rituals and ceremonies honoring the Maya Death Gods and their helpers. Despite the passage of 2,000 years, you’ll find treasures in the form of pottery, relics, glyphs and skeletal remains of unlucky sacrificial victims. 

Float your boat

Okay—so it’s not actually a boat but if you combine your cave visit with a tubing expedition, you’ll have twice the fun on the same day. Cave tubing gives you opportunities to observe mind-blowing crystalline formations that “sparkle like diamonds” from water and light reflections. Opportunities to get out of your tube and explore by foot are part of this magical adventure. 

Plunge into the ultimate hole

You want heart-pumping thrills. Will dropping into the black hole at Actun Loch Tunich–located 300+ feet above the basin and 200 feet above the rainforest canopy do the job? Rappelling ropes await. Find out why repeat visitors say, “The first 10 feet provides the adrenaline!” Need more adrenaline rushes? You’ve gotta dive the Blue Hole. 

Meet the natives

You’ll come into contact with plenty of amiable people but it’s the wildlife that provides the most exciting memories. Bird watch. Scuba dive with whale sharks. Introduce yourself to undersea life when you snorkel our barrier reef. Don’t speak fish? No worries. They speak English. 

The best hosts in Belize!

At Adventures in Belize, we bend over backward to please adventurers, working with the most popular hotels, resorts and tour resources. Our solid business relationships mean we can negotiate the lowest pricing on your behalf, so why put your holiday into the hands of folks who don’t crave adventure as much as you do?

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