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Belize in April – 5 Fantastic Reasons to Visit

belize in april

After a long, cold winter, why not warm up by heading to the sunny shores of Belize? Just a short flight away from the United States and Canada, Belize is a happy, laid-back Caribbean paradise replete with offshore islands, pristine rainforests, and an amazing assortment of wildlife.

Everyone in Belize speaks English because the country was formerly a British colony. This makes it really easy to speak to the locals and learn about local cultures like the Maya, the Garifuna (an Afro-Caribbean people), Creole, Mestizos, and even a thriving Mennonite community of farmers.

Here are five fantastic reasons to visit Belize in April:

Whale Shark Diving

Whale sharks are the largest non-mammalian creatures in the world’s oceans, which is why it is such a special opportunity to be able to interact with them. Because whale sharks feed on tiny plankton, they pose no danger to humans, allowing divers to see these gentle giants up close and personal. But the whale sharks only visit Belize during a few days in April, and the number of divers is strictly limited by the government.

The National Agricultural Fair

Held in the national capital of Belmopan, the National Agricultural Fair is much like a state fair in the United States. Huge crowds come to see livestock displays, rodeos, exhibitions, and enjoy lots of great food and live music.

Great Discounts on Lodging

After the crowds thin out following the Easter holiday, the top resorts and lodges in Belize offer substantial discounts. This makes April one of the best times to visit this magically beautiful country.

Adventure Tours

Belize is a true adventure wonderland with exciting activities to enjoy like horseback riding, zip lining through the jungle, cave tubing, and participating in the famous Black Hole Drop. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, Belizeis definitely the right place to go!

The Warm Weather

In North America, springtime can bring lots of sun and warmth or cold rains and gusty winds. But in Belize, you’re always guaranteed to enjoy great weather during April. Expect sunny skies and average daytime temperatures around 85° F (29° C).

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