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All the Lobster You Care to Eat This Summer in Belize

Is it wrong to plan a vacation to Belize just to binge on all the fresh-caught lobster you can eat? Let’s hope not! 

Many people head to Belize starting in June to celebrate the opening of the lobster fishing season. Coastal towns and islands kick off the season with multi-day festivals featuring live music, games, and culinary competitions featuring local chefs battling to create the tastiest lobster-themed dishes.

If a cold beer on the beach and delicious lobster has whetted your appetite, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Lobsterfest?

Originally, the first Lobsterfest was held on the freewheeling island of Caye Caulker. For several days, the island is transformed into one big outdoor party where lobster is the theme. 

Nowadays, other places in Belize like San Pedro and Placencia have their own Lobsterfests too. That means, if you really love lobster, you can travel across the country and catch all the lobster fun!

Lobsterfests include plenty of drinks, live music, dancing, and fun games for children and adults alike like “fishing” for lobster and seeing who can “catch” the biggest lobster. There’s also a Miss Lobster beauty pageant. Need we say more?

Your Guide to Lobsterfest

The Lobsterfest in San Pedro, the capital of Ambergris Caye, is home to the biggest and most colorful party to celebrate the world’s favorite crustacean. Expect three days of non-stop parties, street parades, delicious drinks, and live music.

Caye Caulker is for “old school” lobster enthusiasts who like to snack on lobster bisque, grilled lobster, barbecued lobster, lobster thermidor, and even curried lobster, all cooked right on the beach.

Placencia, with one of the newest Lobsterfests, is the most popular with locals, many of whom travel across the country in order to attend this three-day festival. If “party” is your middle name, then Lobsterfest in Placencia is definitely where you want to go.


Every year, the exact date of each destination’s Lobsterfest changes slightly as everything depends on when the government opens the lobster fishing season. Most Lobsterfests begin in mid or late June but they can also run into July. Don’t worry if you come to Belize later in the summer, though, as there will still be plenty of lobster left to enjoy!

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