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Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

Cayo District Jungle Lodges - Belize All Inclusive Vacations

Welcome to the unforgettable world of the Belize jungle and the adventure of a lifetime. Share with us our privately owned 58,000 acre Caves Branch Estate, beneath a 100 foot rainforest canopy, alongside the turquoise waters of the Caves Branch river.

Discover the beauty and excitement found in the tropical jungle and the caves of Belize. Encounter indigenous animals and plant life and the many relics of Belize’s ancient Mayan past.

After 12 years of exploration deep into the jungle and ancient Mayan caves of Belize, we now share these discoveries with you. Be prepared for a one of a kind adventure vacation in the heart of the Belize jungle!

Our unique Belize adventure vacation and travel packages are not for the faint of heart. Bring your adventurous spirit and join us on some of the most exiting, spectacular and awe inspiring adventures you will ever have the opportunity to experience.

Some of Ian Anderson’s Famous Signature Adventures include…

  • River Cave Tubing
  • Crystal & Mayan Ceremonial Cave Expeditions
  • Jungle Trek and Night Safaris
  • Overnight Caving & Jungle Expeditions
  • Expeditions to the Lost Mayan Ruins & Tikal
  • Jungle Survival Expeditions
  • Rappelling and Spelunking

All of our accommodations are completely screened to give you a comfortable and bug free environment but wide open to the symphony of nature. With our torches burning throughout the night, casting an eerie glow across the jungle, the babbling river and the cacophony of night creatures, you settle in for a good nights sleep but are roused early to the sounds of the jungle coming to life.

All Caves Branch Guides are handpicked and trained by Ian Anderson, Belize’s premiere explorer of Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. All guides have undergone intensive training in cave and wilderness rescue and wilderness first aid and are founding members of the Belize Cave and Wilderness Rescue Team.

Experience Belize adventure at its best at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Prepare yourself to encounter the lush plant and animal life of the Belize jungle; the mysticism of lost Maya ruins; the rugged beauty of our subterranean caves and caverns; and the majesty of the Caves Branch River.

If you are looking for a complete Caves Branch experience, look no further. We have designed several all inclusive vacation packages that should give you all the excitement you can handle at this unique Belize destination.

All these wonders and more await you in our specially designed Belize adventure tours.




The Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is centered on the Caves Branch Estate in the heart of the Belizean jungle. We are not sanitized from the jungle .. we are a part of it. All our unique accommodations allow you to experience the sights and sounds of the surrounding jungle and nearby river, while maintaining our original object of each traveler experiencing the rugged beauty and natural symphony of the nature that surrounds us.

Jungle Treehouses

Our newest rooms at Caves Branch are built on a hillside overlooking the Caves Branch River. They are set among the trees and raised up to 20 feet off the ground providing a perfect perch to look down at the river below.

With the units being over 800 square feet, there is lots of space to spread out. They are split level with a raised bedroom set back behind a screened in living area. The bedroom has a king size bed and the living area has a futon pullout sofa. There is a spacious indoor bathroom with a full shower, plus an additional outdoor shower, both with hot water and outside balcony.

The rooms are finished with natural materials, a welcoming blend of stone, wood and marble. Decorations, furniture and artwork are all from local and regional sources. The finishing, furnishings and open air design provide for a rustic feel, luxurious look and comfortable space to relax in after a day's adventure.

Jungle Suites

The four cabana suites offer our highest degree of rustic comfort. Each suite has a furnished front patio, a living room with wicker furniture and a futon double bed, indoor washroom with hot and cold running water, shower and toilet, powerful ceiling fans, and a raised bedroom with a queen-size bed.

The entire suite is surrounded by screened picture windows that allow every breeze and jungle sound to float into the cabana to you. Oil lamps for lighting provide that romantic glow.

Jungle Bungalows

Our newest jungle accommodations include these three new bungalows. These are fully screened to keep the bugs out but let the essence of the jungle in.

Each bungalow contains a queen size bed, sitting room with a double futon, full inside bathroom facilities with hot water showers, powerful ceiling fans, hardwood, terra cotta tile ceilings, and a wrap around veranda.

Jungle Cabanas

For versatile accommodations on your Belize adventure choose our jungle cabanas with double and single beds. Like all of our accommodations, these lodgings have powerful ceiling fans and are completely screened.

Full washroom facilities are located outside the cabanas with modern toilet facilities and our outdoor warm water jungle showers.