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belize weather

Belize weather


One of Belize’s top attractions is its balmy, subtropical climate that features an average daytime temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius).


Although summers are quite warm, coastal breezes passing over interior jungles and rainforests provide plenty of relief. There is no winter as such in Belize, as daytime highs rarely drop below 60F (16C). Even in the mountain highlands, temperatures never drop below zero. During the summertime, daytime highs average around 86 F (30 C) with a steady humidity level of around 85%. In short, Belize has near-perfect weather.


Unlike the United States or Canada, Belize only has two seasons – called the dry and green seasons.


The dry season, a period of abundant sunshine and blue skies, runs from around mid-November through May. Although rainfall is still in evidence in this lush country, most precipitation is in the form of short, mild bursts.


The green season runs from June through early November. During this period, the lush interior jungles, rainforests, and wetlands are replenished. There are occasional periods of strong storms, particularly in September and October.


June is a month of higher precipitation that normally comes in the form of overnight storms or brief yet intense downbursts during the hottest part of the afternoon. Somewhere in late July or early August, the blue skies re-appear during a period known locally as “The Little Dry.”


Although strong storms can sometimes build in the Caribbean, Belize’s sheltered position and advanced early warning network have been proven effective at safeguarding against loss of life or property.


Both the dry and green seasons offer plenty to do and see in Belize, but the balmy weather and pristine nature mean that Belize is a popular place to visit all year round.


In order to help you plan your visit to Belize, we have provided a general guide to what to expect in terms of weather on a month by month basis.


Belize Weather in January


Expect small amounts of rain mixed in with abundant sunshine and clear blue skies. Falling during the dry season, January is a popular month for visitors as daytime highs of around 80F (27C) make it a great time to escape cold weather in North America.


Belize Weather in February


Another prime month for visitors wanting to flee the cold and snow in more northerly locations, February is a month of ample sunshine and lovely blue skies. Days are mild yet pleasantly warm while nights are refreshingly cool especially in coastal areas.


Expect daytime highs around 80F (27C).


Belize Weather in March


Similar to February, March is a time of low rainfall, delightfully warm temperatures, and abundant sunshine. Daytime temperatures average around 83F (28C) and a delightfully refreshing 74F (23C) at night.


Belize Weather in April


A transition month, April is a time of slightly higher daytime temperature and the onset of the “Iguana Rains,” brief, refreshing showers that help cool the air. Daytime highs are around 85F (29C) and lows average around 76F (24C).


Belize Weather in May


The beginning of the green season, May is a time of abundant sunshine and slightly elevated temperatures. Average daytime highs are 87F (31C) and nighttime lows are 79F (26C), with occasional thunderstorms during the overnight hours.


Belize Weather in June


A period of a luxuriant heat, June sees increasing rainfall, especially in the form of brief afternoon showers. Daytime highs average around 86F (30C) but are moderated by refreshing Caribbean tradewinds.


Belize Weather in July


Similar to June, July is a time of warm days and occasionally rainy nights. Tradewinds keep the stickiness at bay, and daytime highs average around 86F (30C).


Belize Weather in August


A transition period, winds from the interior begin to replace Caribbean tradewinds while the “Little Dry” period sees a break from regular precipitation. Daytime highs remain steadily warm at around 86F (30C) while slightly tapering off towards the end of the month.


Belize Weather in September


Perhaps the rainiest period in Belize’s weather calendar, September sees a slight climbdown from the summer heat. Daytime highs average around 86F (30C) while nighttime lows average around 77F (25C). Expect regular rainfall, particularly in the overnight hours and during the hottest part of the afternoon.


Belize Weather in October


This month sees several shifts in the weather, including the occasional “norther”, rainstorms that often cluster around higher elevations in the interior. Expect steady overnight rainfall and daytime highs of around 84F (29C).


Belize Weather in November


As the green season transitions into the dry season, November sees a return to ample blue skies and pleasantly warm days, with average temperatures of 82F (28C) in the daytime and 73F (23C) in the evening.


Belize Weather in December


One of the most popular tourist periods, December is a month of delightfully sunny days and cool, refreshing evenings. Expect highs of around 80F (27C) during the day and lows of 75F (24C) during the evenings.