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10 things to pack when traveling to Belize

Belize is a fascinating country and is Mother Nature’s best kept secret snuggled between Guatemala and Mexico and bordered by the Caribbean Sea, this is as tropical as it gets! Let us walk through this list of Must-Packs for your upcoming vacation in tropical paradise!


Travel Documents – These are the most important things you need to pack before leaving for your Adventure in Belize. Passport, driver’s license, plane tickets and travel itinerary (if you have one) should all be tucked away in a secure and easily accessible area, such as your carryon or purse pocket.

Adventure in Belize


Bug Spray – This is a must when packing for Belize, remember, you are visiting the tropics and there is a high chance of bug bites. Pack a bug spray or cream and let’s be of the safe side. If you forget to pack it, don’t worry, most convenient stores around the country sells bug spray.


Sunscreen for your Belize vacation

Camera – So you can take photos of the beauty you will be surrounded by, and the amazing cultural experiences that you will be living. You don’t want to miss out on memories to share (and brag about!) with friends and family back home.


Swimwear – Bring your favourite swimsuits (more than one) and let’s go swimming! Part of being on the coast and having one of the best rainforests in Central America is that you get the best of both worlds even with your swimming options. Snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef or go paddle boarding or sailing or even cave tube down rivers, jump off waterfalls surrounded by tropical rainforests or go for a dip in a turquoise fresh water pool in the middle of the jungle, or do all. There are endless options in Belize!


Sunscreen – Whether you’re at the beach or in the jungle, the sun is out and shining bright 80% of the days. This only means that you will need to pack your SPF and lip balm and apply a couple times for the day. It’s better to be safe than sorry…and red like a lobster.


Your favorite hat & Sunglasses – You’re going to be in the tropics and every day will be a perfect day to flaunt your favourite (stylish!) hat, preferably wide rimmed, and your sunglasses. You can never have too much protection from the sun.


Vacation in Belize

Light weight clothing – The average temperature in Belize is 85°F, this means you need to pack for warm and humid weather, welcome to the tropics! Pack your favourite tank tops, shorts, skirts, and summer dresses and comfy polo’s and shorts for him. Pack at least one long pants or skirt for a fancy night on the town.


Belize Vacation

Waterproof Cases & Bags – Ziploc bags are perfect for keeping your valuables dry and preventing bottle spills in your beach bags, along with trash bags which are great for keeping your bag and everything in it dry on water activities (like taking a boat ride on a choppy day). For cameras and electronics that can’t risk any contact with water, purchase a waterproof case that’s air tight and remember to test it first!


Vacationing in Belize

A Sense of ADVENTURE –This is a must when visiting Belize!


Adventures in Belize



Do NOT pack skimpy clothing or camouflage when traveling to Belize. Like anywhere else in the world, skimpy clothing might attract unwanted attention and camouflage clothing is illegal in Belize because they are reserved for the use of army/law enforcement.


Adventures in Belize







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