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10 Ways to give back on World Oceans Day

1. Organize a beach or river clean up

Gather your friends, colleagues and/or family and spearhead your own clean-up campaign near the nearest river or shoreline.


Clean Up Ocean



2. Go Swimming in the Ocean

Go swimming in the Ocean, or for us in Belize, the Caribbean Sea! Dedicate some one on one time with you and the Mother Nature’s greatest creation. Find your area along the shoreline or islands and be one with the ocean. Whether it’s swimming, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding or just sitting on the dock and hanging your feet in the water. 

Kids Jumping In The Ocean

3. Cook a sustainable seafood dinner

A sustainable sea food dinner is one way of giving back to the Ocean. Lion Fish is known for its destruction of the barrier reef, its eco system and other native fishes. Eating the non-native lionfish into extinction would, in the case, be a very good thing.
Lionfish is a white flaky fish, firmer in texture than halibut, no “red line” with a flavor profile somewhere between a thin grouper fillet and mahi mahi (dolphinfish or dorado depending upon where you live) with a touch of butteriness. Click here for a Belizean Lionfish Recipe.



Lionfish Ceviche



4. Pledge to avoid all plastics for the day

Plastic Bag in the Ocean

5. Learn about one endangered species living in our Seas, like the Antillean Manatee

Manatees in Belize

6. Read a book about the ocean to your kids.

Book Cover

7. Spread the word! Follow Oceana’s movement in Belize on social media and on their website join the cause and say NO to offshore oil drilling in Belize #BeSensationalBelize #SayNotoOffshoreOil 

Say No To Offshore Drilling


8. Watch a movie or show to celebrate the Ocean and Seas


Belize Oceana Video




9. Organize educational presentations and help share awareness of the oceans with the children in the schools in your community.

Kids in school




10. Lastly, Enjoy the Ocean!

Kate Walsh Oceana




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