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5 UnBelizeable Activities To Do in Belize in 2019!

Although Belize is a tiny country located just a short flight away from the United States and Canada, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a natural wonderland of exotic animals, flowering plants, and spectacular landscapes.

Here are 5 UnBelizeable Activities you can enjoy in Belize:


You might think of caving as crawling around in a muddy hole, but that’s not what caving is like in Belize. The landscape is riddled with vast underground complexes, many of which were used by the ancient Maya for their most solemn religious ceremonies. Some of these sacred caves still have ceramics, weapons, and even human remains still in place more than 1,000 years after the ancient Maya civilization collapsed.

Cave Tubing

Another amazing way to explore the underground worlds of Belize is by cave tubing. This uniquely Belizean activity involves floating down an underground river aboard an inner tube as it meanders through a series of caves.

Diving and Snorkeling

Belize has more than 400 offshore Caribbean islands, making it one of the best places in the world to snorkel or scuba dive. Whether you’re an experienced diver or are afraid to swim, there’s a perfect place for you to strap on a mask and marvel at a colorful assortment of fish,sea turtles, nurse sharks, and even dolphins.

Exploring Ancient Maya Ruins

Lost for more than a millennium in the jungle, some of the ancient Maya’s most impressive cities have only recently been rediscovered. Complete with soaring pyramids, majestic palaces, and vast ball courts, ancient Maya sites like Lamanai, Caracol, and Xunantunich are great places to learn about the advanced culture that invented its own form of writing and performed complex astronomical calculations.

Bird Watching

Unless you’re already an avid bird watcher, you might think that staring at a few birds is a particularly strange way to pass the time. But Belize is home to hundreds of bird species, including giant harpy eagles, endangered ocellated turkeys, and dozens of species of colorful hummingbirds.

The Audubon Society has declared six different areas of Belize to be optimal for bird watching, and it’s normal for even beginning spotters to see 100 different species in a single morning.

Belize has many must-do activities that travelers can enjoy on their vacation as the country is full of amazing places to stay, eat at, and explore. If you’re interested in enjoying an unBelizeable vacation, contact Adventures in Belize today!