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Aeromexico to Fly to Belize Starting November

Mexico's premier air carrier, Aerovías de México, more commonly known as Aeromexico, has just announced that it will begin flying to Belize for the first time ever beginning on November 17, 2018. 

Currently, only Tropic Air offers service between Belize City and Cancun. Aeromexico will be flying from Mexico City to Belize City throughout the 2017/18 winter season with a two-hour flight that departs each Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:30 AM. This new flight will be operated by Aeromexico between November 17, 2018, and April 28, 2019. Return flights to Mexico City will take place each Saturday and Sunday, departing from Belize City at 12:00 noon. 

Aeromexico's announcement comes just days after WestJet declared that it will be adding one new flight per week to Belize City from the Canadian cities of Calgary and Toronto. WestJet, Canada's largest low-cost airline, was the first Canadian airline to offer non-stop service to Belize beginning in 2016. Currently, WestJet offers three weekly flights to Belize during the winter season. WestJet's archrival Air Canada now offers four flights per week to Belize, so the new WestJet routes will bring the number of weekly flights to Belize available for Canadians up to nine. 

Add in the fact that all four of the biggest carriers in the United States, Delta, United, American, and Southwest, all fly non-stop to Belize, and it's now easier than ever for visitors from around the world to enjoy a vacation in Belize. Whether you want to exclusively visit Belize or include it as part of a longer sojourn throughout the region, travelers now have even more options for visiting Belize. 

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