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Belize #10 on Fodor’s 2018 Go List

Belize came in at number 10 on the prestigious Fodor's Go List for 2018. Belize was singled out as a "true getaway" that is full of beautiful, untouched nature and pristine landscapes.

Other attractions in Belize highlighted in Fodor's Go List include touring the ancient Maya sites that are scattered across the country, including a number of active archeological expeditions that are open to the public.

Belize was also listed as a top 10 recommended place to visit in 2018 because of its lovely weather, year-round warm temperatures, and laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. The country was also singled out for having beautiful hotels, resorts, and lodges in several unique settings, including in the heart of the jungle and on offshore islands.

Often nicknamed "The Jewel," Belize is a small Central American country on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Guatemala and Mexico. As a former British colony, the official language in Belize is English, making it easy to communicate with the eclectic mix of cultures found in the country, including Mestizos, the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people, the Creole, Mennonites, East Indians, and Chinese.

Belize is a predominately rural country with a very low population density. And with over half the country set aside as a national park, animal reserve, or wilderness sanctuary, the purity and biodiversity of its nature are some of its strongest attractions. Belize is home to nearly 600 different species of birds, hundreds of orchid species, and exotic wildlife such as toucans, macaws, storks, hummingbirds, monkeys, crocodiles, manatees, whale sharks, and jaguars.

Popular activities to enjoy in Belize that were highlighted in Fodor's Go 2018 report include spelunking in an ancient cave such as the Actun Tunich Muknal (ATM) Cave, touring ancient Maya ruins, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, and fishing on the offshore reef, and horseback riding and hiking on the mainland.

All six of the largest airlines in Canada and the United States now offer non-stop flights to Belize from major cities across North America. Flying time to Belize is between two and five hours, making Belize perfectly situated for travelers wishing to "unplug" and enjoy a vacation in an exotic, Caribbean locale.

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