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Belize: A Hidden Gem Few Americans Know About

As close as two hours' flying time from the United States is the small nation of Belize, a land where there are no Starbucks, transnational fast food joints, or even big name hotel chains. Far off the radar for many Americans, Belize is rapidly becoming a top destination for exciting vacations.

Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala and with a long 180-mile coastline on the Caribbean, Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language. Despite being roughly the same size as Vermont, Belize was once the heart of the ancient Maya empire and is home to more Maya ruins than anywhere else. A diverse landscape ranging from waterfalls and pristine rainforests all the way to gorgeous tropical islands and sugar sand beaches gives Belize a unique natural beauty.

All international flights arrive in Belize City on the Caribbean coast, but the good news is that all the top destinations in the country are within easy reach. Head east and there are hundreds of offshore islands to choose from. The massive Belize Barrier Reef, part of the second-largest coral barrier reef in the world, is a wonderland of marine life ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The Lighthouse Atoll is where you'll find the Belize Blue Hole, rated a top 10 personal favorite by legendary oceanographer and documentarian Jacques Cousteau.

Not to be outdone, the mainland has plenty to offer visitors as well. Pristine jungles teem with wildlife, including monkeys, giant iguanas, and some of the last remaining indigenous big cats in Central America. Nearly half the country consists of nature reserves or national parks, giving visitors a smorgasbord of outdoor adventures to choose from, including zip lining, cave tubing, horseback riding, rappelling, bird watching, and river safaris. 

In the long centuries before the arrival of Europeans, more than a million ancient Maya constructed a vast network of enormous cities. Built from stone without using wheels, animal power, or modern equipment, these Maya centers are now popular attractions in Belize. Sites like Altun Ha, Caracol, Xunantunich, and Lamanai give visitors a chance to see and explore a lost world of high culture, advanced mathematics, and stunning architecture.

Most Americans may have never heard of Belize, but this is rapidly changing. Affordable non-stop flights from major airlines like United, Southwest, Delta, and American are making it easier than ever to enjoy a great vacation in Belize.

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