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Belize, A Hot Destination For Fall/Winter Travel

On October 22, 2017, Forbes magazine published an article about eight surprising international destinations for fall and winter travel. The article, written by veteran travel writer Lea Lane, rated Belize as enjoying an 18% increase in popularity thanks to its world-class scuba diving and the wide range of Maya cultural experiences. Special mention was also made of Belize's natural beauty.

Published under their popular #wanderlust hashtag, the Forbes magazine article on trending destinations for fall and winter travel referenced Belize's growing popularity as a vacation destination, driven in large part by the government's strong commitment to preserving both its natural and cultural heritage. The Forbes article also highlighted the cuisine in Belize as an additional draw for visitors wanting to escape the cold and snow during a getaway fall or winter vacation.

Belize is a small Caribbean country located just a few hours' flying time from the United States and Canada. With a year-round subtropical climate, Belize is an increasingly popular destination for fall and winter vacations. As the only English-speaking country in the region, Belize is an excellent place to get away from the ravages of cold weather while enjoying a plethora of outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

With the lowest population density of any country in Central America, Belize's small population is surprisingly diverse. Groups such as Creoles, Maya, Mestizos, Mennonites, Chinese, and Garifuna all live harmoniously side by side, giving visitors a unique chance to experience different cultures, music, food, and dances. The human diversity is mirrored by the country's natural diversity, Belize being blessed with pristine jungles, lush rainforests, misty mountains, and offshore islands all teeming with exotic wildlife.

Published bi-weekly since 1917, Forbes is considered the world's most respected business and finance magazine. Famous for its annual list of the world's richest individuals, Forbes is also respected for its culture and lifestyle reporting that includes travel pieces on amazing destinations around the world such as Belize.

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