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Best Time to Take a Vacation to Belize

It's always a little embarrassing to answer "When is the best time to visit Belize?" because the answer always seems like a cliche. Yes, no matter what time of year, Belize remains a great place to visit due to its fabulous weather, wide range of exciting activities, and interesting festivals.

The best way to approach "When is the best time to visit Belize?" is to ask what it is that you want to do in the country. Do you want to attend a festival or participate in the celebrations around a national holiday? Are you coming primarily to enjoy outdoor activities? Are you looking for deals on airfare, lodging, and transportation inside the country?

In Belize, there are approximately two "seasons" during the year. Running from late November to May is the "high season" when large numbers of visitors arrive in Belize to take advantage of the abundant sunshine and warm temperatures during the winter months. Peak times are late December around the Christmas holiday, New Year's Day, and around Easter time.

From June to early November is the "green season" when tourism numbers are lower, meaning you can escape the crowds while also getting good deals on lodging and airfare. Precipitation levels are slightly higher during the green season, but even on the rainiest days, showers only usually last an hour or two, giving visitors the rest of the day to enjoy outdoor activities.

Some of the national holidays and festivals on the calendar in Belize include:

  • Fiesta De Carnival – The week before Lent (springtime)
  • Easter – Holy Saturday is when the biggest bicycle race of the year is held (springtime)
  • Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge – A four-day canoe race (springtime)
  • Baron Bliss Day – A sailing regatta, horse races, and more (March 9)
  • Lobsterfest – Innovative lobster dishes, live music, and fun (June-July)
  • Garifuna Settlement Day – A celebration of Garifuna culture (November 19)
  • Costa Maya International – Beauty pageant, live music from top acts, and more (August)
  • St. George's Caye Day – Commemmorating the historic naval battle wherein the British triumphed over the Spanish in 1792 (September 10)
  • Independence Day – A patriotic celebration of Belize gaining independence from Great Britain in 1981 (September 21)
  • National Agricultural Fair and Trade Show – A celebration of all things Belize (dates vary)

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