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Discover Belize and You’ll Cross Costa Rica off Your Travel List!

Belize Vacations 2019

If you’re all about travel trends, you probably know that Costa Rica is ancient history. The country continues to invest millions to lure tourists to their shores, but like the Wizard hiding behind the Oz spectacle, things aren’t as rosy as they seem. You crave tropical Caribbean splendor that outshines, out-enchants and out-does anything Costa Rica has to offer—and at prices that are downright affordable. Sound too good to be true? Learn why thousands of travelers opt for Belize these days.

1. Eat like royalty. The Belize culinary scene is sensational. Be the first in your crowd to explore international bites not served in Costa Rica where food artistry is limited. Sample Creole, Garifuna, East Indian and Mestizo cuisine offering infinitely more variety than can be found on the Costa Rican food scene.

2. Soothe your inner conservationist. The number of initiatives and laws put into place by Belize government and nonprofit foundations to protect land, sea, wildlife and aquatic life is mind boggling, exceeding efforts put forth by neighboring Costa Rica. Belize takes seriously its responsibility to keep the planet green. Will you find a jaguar sanctuary in Costa Rica? Not if you searched for 100 years.

3. Spend your vacation doing your best sloth imitation rather than arriving drained and exhausted because flight arrangements to Costa Rica did you in. The explosion of tourists choosing Belize over neighbors Costa Rica and Panama reflects a dramatic increase in direct flights by North American carriers that get you to Belize in a few hours.

4. Dump translation apps, dictionaries and guides required in Costa Rica where Spanish is spoken. Belize’s first language is English, so feel free to bring your Spanish-speaking skills if you like and bone up on them, but your job while in Belize is to relax your brain, not turn it into a modern-day Tower of Babel.

5. Get around on the fly. Belize is the size of Vermont and smaller than Costa Rica, so the number of attractions you see in Belize increases if you schedule properly. You do want to spend your time observing monkeys, trekking through rainforests, Mayan ruins and caves—not sitting in a vehicle enroute to these wonders—right?

6. Get wet! Diving, boating and sailing the waters along the Belize shore surpasses the Costa Rica experience because there is more shoreline to explore. Ask Costa Rican tourism officials for a list of prominent lagoons, fish and game sanctuaries within its borders and you’ll be delighted that you booked Belize instead.

7. How many times have tourism gurus and famed divers produced films and books extolling the virtues of Costa Rican phenomena like Belize’s Big Blue Hole? Zero. There is no comparable deep-water attraction that tops the bucket lists of divers who seek one-of-a-kind memories that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.

8. Island hop like a travel writer. The number of cayes strung like a necklace along the Belize shoreline has no equal in Costa Rica. Some say that there are as many as 450 little islands to be explored in Belize, so why settle for just 33 in Costa Rica?

9. Get your caveman or cavewoman on in Belize, home to the longest, spectacularly deep (an impressive 540,000 square feet) cave system in the Caribbean region. Don’t recall reading anything about Costa Rica’s caves? That’s because they’re ordinary. Ours aren’t. Find out why for yourself.

10.Costa Rica has been a tourist mecca for so long, sites are old school. Belize is the new kid in town, offering heart-stopping, eye-popping adventures—-all of which can be booked through Adventures in Belize. This first-tier tourism resource offers packages that deliver a full Belize experience that includes hotels, transport, sightseeing and recreational bookings. Rumor has it even Costa Ricans are using Adventures in Belize for their travel experiences!


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