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Enjoy Belize – A Vacation Waiting to Happen

The idea of a vacation in today’s adult mind is more of obtaining an experience versus sitting at a bar on a regular all-inclusive package and getting drunk. Ordinary vacations are being replaced with cultural immersion and doing things that are memorable and fun! The blessings of a vacation in Belize could never be counted on two hands and since you would need your feet to continue counting, why don’t we just give you a quick little run-down of how this show is supposed to work…Join us as we uncover the secrets to a vacation to remember!


Getting there

Arriving in Belize is not only easy but stress free. Flights from the main US hubs are roughly two hour’s flight time- LAX, HOUSTON, DALLAS, and MIAMI. Since the flight barely levels off before you are coming down again, you might as well plan it so that your resort/ hotel provides you with easy shuttle service. Once you touch the ground, you have basically nothing to worry about- no taxi to try and negotiate with, no worries about where you are being taken…Your pre-arranged shuttle is waiting and your driver knows how to get you there safely and in style.




Buy a package

Vacations in Belize are nothing like the All Inclusive vacations you settle for when booking destinations like Jamaica, Cabo or Cancun. Packages come with built in discounts that provide you with great service and if you get meals included, the food is nothing like the typical bland food stuff you normally expect. Experience excellent meals & local dishes made by chefs and kitchen staff that know the local fare and know how to present it well! Most inland hotel feature meals in their packages in order to save you stress from figuring out how to get to and from restaurants. Some properties even include bar drinks in travel packages– featuring Belizean made beers & rums used for mixed drinks. This amenity provides you with a bit of libation that you simply can’t beat. Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck?


Belizean Food



Belize Adventures

When it comes to activities during your vacation, you will never go wrong. Belize is filled with dozens & dozens of superb adventures and activities- for the young at heart and the not so young…Try cave tubing- one of the leading adventures in Central America. Repelling into a 300 ft sink hole; conquering Waterfalls inside an amazingly splendid cave. Horseback riding through the rainforest or bird watching in the early morning. Visiting a Maya Temple, viewing nature from a different perspective at the Belize Zoo, explore the Baboon Sanctuary; snorkeling or diving on the Barrier Reef of Belize. View the beautiful Blue Hole from the air or submerge yourself in the mysterious Xibalba and visit the cave you saw on National Geographic, the famous ATM Cave, the list goes on and on! Discover Belize with tour guides who are not only friendly but knowledgeable. Ask your agent about activities that you like and what they can recommend for you to do. Go past the old fashioned “sight-seeing” and experience for yourself some of the highlights of Belize in a new and incredible way. Plan for something out of the ordinary and exciting, after all isn’t that what visiting Belize is about?


Belize Adventures



Gift shops are available in most resorts and tourist centers. Support local artists by purchasing items made in Belize. Paintings, carvings and other art work are mostly made by women’s groups or artisans who have a talent for creating one of a kind gifts. Books on local culture are also great to remembering your visit and inspiring others to visit Belize. Display a local mask on your wall and become the envy of your friends and family. 


Belize Paintings


Belize Pottery



Getting around is easy

Traveling within Belize is so easy that you could have breakfast in the rainforest and lunch on an island – it’s really that simple! Ask your agent to connect you with other destinations. Most packages offer meet and greet at the local airstrips and shuttles to your hotel. Flights are within 15-30 minutes from one destination to another; boats are within 25-60 minutes from mainland to island. Getting around is way easier than you could ever believe and this factor is one that should be considered when deciding to visit Belize over Costa Rica. Just saying…


Maya Island Air


Tropic Air


Belize Water Taxi



Families and kids

Booking a vacation with your family is always a bit of a headache but when you select a hotel, make sure they are family friendly. Ask if the activities are acceptable for kids and the age limit of each of the tours. Have your agent provide some suggestions for young children that are not only fun but educational too. Belize has activities for young ones too…Provide your family with a learning experience as part of your vacation- this will make for a mind blowing show and tell when they get home!


Belize Family Vacations


Please feel free to contact one of our professional travel agent at Adventures in Belize at any time. Our local travel experts can modify an existing vacation package for you or custom-design an itinerary just as you need it!

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