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How to Live the Vegas Lifestyle While Living in Belize

Las Vegas has earned a reputation over the years as one of the most thrilling and exhilarating places on the planet. It has been nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World, and has featured in countless movies as a setting of sheer excitement. Those who live the Vegas lifestyle are thrill-seekers who like to have fun. This notion has grown in popular culture and a lot of characters in fiction live by these rules. The beauty of the Vegas lifestyle is that you don’t necessarily need to be in Sin City to experience it. It can be achieved in many other locations, with Belize being a prime spot for people who are constantly on the hunt for excitement and high stakes.

What is the Vegas Lifestyle?

The Vegas lifestyle is a notion which has been popularized throughout different forms of media over the years, with Hollywood leading the way. On the silver screen, the Nevada city is often depicted as a glamorous place in which dreams are made and fortunes are won. George Sidney’s Viva Las Vegas shows this side of the town, and the 1964 Elvis Presley picture depicts the fun side of the city – it is regarded as one of the King’s best movies. Las Vegas is a place where people can escape their mundane existence and become a different person, where they can exchange normality for unpredictability. It has also been shown as the ultimate place to go if you want to party in films like Doug Liman’s 1996 picture Swingers and Todd Phillips’ The Hangover in 2009.

Las Vegas has also been used frequently in games. The reasons for its continued usage are due to the fact that it is an instantly recognizable setting, but mainly because it is associated with fun and pleasure. With one of the main themes of the city being gambling, there are a number of online slots which use Vegas as a central theme. Of the many Betway online slots, Lost Vegas is a popular option. The Microgaming title combines traditional Vegas with the idea of a zombie apocalypse. This kind of theme was also explored in Fallout: New Vegas. The 2010 open world adventure from Bethesda Softworks was set in a dark vision of the future but still featured all the classic Vegas games and high stakes. Other games like Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation and Vegas Dream for the Nintendo Entertainment System also manage to encapsulate the thrill of the American city. Characters within these games, along with players, are encouraged to be bold and live the Vegas lifestyle.

How Can the Vegas Lifestyle be Achieved in Belize?

With the Vegas lifestyle being associated with pleasure seeking and excitement, there are many ways to achieve it in Belize. If you literally want to recreate the Vegas experience with gambling and high stakes, you could book a stay at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. The resort, located on the Belizean side of the Belize-Mexican border, is the biggest casino in Central America. The hotel which opened in 2006 is said to have the best accommodation in the country. Its casino is open 24/7 and is brimming with a huge variety of games. Indeed, there are 500 slot machines and 21 table games along with regular live poker and bingo games.

In terms of thrilling activities, there are numerous adventurous things to do in the Central American country. For instance, Belize is well known for being a prime spot for parachute jumping. Skydiving tours often advertise the fact that they do dives over the Great Blue Hole of Belize which is an absolutely stunning attraction. Going skydiving is definitely a way to live the Vegas lifestyle, as it could be considered a somewhat risky yet rousing activity.

Aside from gambling in the enormous casino or jumping out of a plane, cave tubing and kayaking are other popular activities in Belize for excitement hunters. There are certainly many ways to live the risk-taking, carefree Vegas lifestyle in Belize.