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How to Travel to Belize on a Budget

Belize is an amazing and exotic getaway destination, but the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to travel to Belize.

If you’ve been interested in visiting Belize but were worried about affordability, we’ve provided this handy guide for exploring this astonishingly beautiful country on a limited budget.


In the United States, all four of the nation’s biggest airlines now fly to Belize, making it easy to find affordable tickets. Southwest, United, Delta, and American Airlines now fly non-stop to Belize from more than a dozen major cities.

Canadians, too, can now find affordable airfare to Belize. Both WestJet and Air Canada now fly non-stop to Belize from Toronto and Calgary.

Note: All international flights into Belize land at the Philip Goldson Airport (code: BZE).


If you skip expensive imported food like Oreo cookies or fancy restaurants, you can eat very well on a limited budget in Belize.

Belize has a thriving roadside food culture where you can easily fill up for $5 or less on local favorites like fry jacks (a kind of puff pastry), rice and beans, tamales, tacos, and Caribbean-style chicken. There are also lots of mom and pop restaurants serving up delicious helpings of fresh-caught seafood and other savory treats.


If you love fresh-squeezed juice, Belize is perfect for you. Other popular beverages include Belikin, the country’s domestic beer, and locally made rum.

Getting Around

Once on the ground, it’s very affordable to travel in Belize. Four paved highways and an extensive public bus network make it possible to get anywhere on the mainland for $5 or less.

Getting to the offshore islands is a bit more expensive, but popular destinations like Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye can be reached by water taxi for around $20.

Things to Do and See

Belize is nicknamed “The Jewel,” and for good reason. The country is a pristine wonder with waterfalls, misty mountain passes, lush jungles, and gorgeous offshore islands are all within a short distance of one another.

Popular choices include:

  • Visiting an ancient Maya city.
  • Exploring an ancient Maya sacred cave.
  • Bird watching and nature hikes.
  • Zip lining in the jungle.
  • Swimming and snorkeling on the reef.
  • Cultural visits to a Garifuna or Maya village.
  • Cave tubing (using an innertube to navigate an underground river.

If you’d like to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Belize without spending a fortune, contact Adventures in Belize today.