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Belize, A TOP Summer Vacation Destination For 2017


Cruise Ships continue to be one of the largest tourism habits the world over.  From destinations and ports of call such as Alaska & the Aleutian Islands to Greece, the Middle East and Europe, travelers enjoy comfortable cabins and luxury amenities while gliding through the waterways of the world. Belize is one of those unique cruise ship stops in the Caribbean & Mexico but few passengers really get to see or experience the world of wonder that Belize really is.


Cruise Lines International (CLIA), the world's biggest cruise trade association, recently published their top five recommended destinations for travelers to enjoy in 2017. CLIA's recommendations included visiting Belize, describing the country as a "tropical paradise" where visitors are surrounded by "beach beauty" that they can enjoy while exploring ancient cultures and diving in some of the most famous locations in the world.


CLIA specifically described Belize as "A Diver's Dream," referring to the nearly unbroken line of reefs and islands that make the country a world-class destination for diving and the company encourages passengers to venture out to enjoy the activities offered in Belize and explore the country –hiking through the jungle, wildlife spotting, exploring crystalline rivers, snorkeling, bird watching, mountain biking in the rainforest, and learning more about the ancient Maya ruins that dot the landscape.

But do passengers really get to see the real Belize? We doubt it… while many are happy to join the regular cruise sponsored tours and entertainments, scores of visitors are left with a hunger to see and experience more of what they took in. Many areas of Belize are left untouched by cruise ship passengers due to the distance from the port to attractions and for fear of their boat literally leaving them behind. Besides very few can deny the fact that most passengers are either bored or intoxicated when stopping at any port of call.

The “Real Deal” is that Belize is a country with an astonishing variety of wildlife, including jaguars, toucans, parrots, monkeys, crocodiles, and giant iguanas. Some of the off the beaten spots that cruise ship passengers would enjoy doing are not offered by cruise ship companies and these include the best of Belize:  Caracol Maya Ruins, the adrenaline rushing “Black Hole Drop” or the incredible Waterfall Cave, Bird Watching at Aquacate Lagoon or capturing the thundering 1000 ft Falls in the glorious Mountain Pine Ridge…these and many more experiences are left untouched and unexplored.


While visitors might step foot in places like the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve, home of the first jaguar reserve in the world, the Community Baboon Sanctuary (with more than 2,000 monkeys) or the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center that is home to more than 100 indigenous species that are all orphaned or rescued animals, salivating on a scrumptious locally prepared dinner with an artisan twist is one of only so many unforgettable memories that are missed while cruising.


Returning visitors can also explore the Belize Barrier Reef, a marine wonderland that is famous for its sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

"Sticking your toes in the sand is nothing really when the real fun is to feel the waves splash around your feet”  said Rhoda Gill, sales and marketing manager at Adventures in Belize. "Basically, this is the exact reaction of passengers who stop in on a cruise once they step foot on Belizean soil. We want them to really get in and “get dirty”!  To “taste and see” Belize- this is what they miss”.

Adventures in Belize

Adventures in Belize has over 20 combined years of travel knowledge and experience. Capturing the memories of a vacation in this delightful paradise is something we want to create for each visitor to our shores. Why not create something remarkable and unforgettable. Sadly, a cruise is only that- but a vacation in Belize will be remembered for a lifetime. Adventures in Belize customizes each vacation to suit your tastes and most importantly your budget. Give us a call today to start creating your own memorable travel experience in beautiful Belize!