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Discover Belize and You’ll Cross Costa Rica off Your Travel List!

If you’re all about travel trends, you probably know that Costa Rica is ancient history. The country continues to invest millions to lure tourists to their shores, but like the Wizard hiding behind the Oz spectacle, things aren’t as rosy as they seem. You crave tropical Caribbean splendor that outshines, out-enchants and out-does anything Costa Rica has to offer—and at prices that are downright affordable. Sound too good to be true? Learn why thousands of travelers opt for Belize these days.


GQ Magazine: Skip Tulum This Winter and Travel to Belize Instead

GQ, a leading monthly magazine which focuses on fashion, style, and culture, has published an article recommending visiting Belize this winter in their November edition. The Yucatán coast of southeastern Mexico, including cities like Tulum and Cancún, has long been a popular winter destination for Americans and Canadians. But with tens of millions of visitors