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The Beers of Belize

Something about the hot sun and balmy weather in Belize makes this jewel of a country the perfect place to enjoy a cold brew.

And yes, while imported beers from around the region are available, no visit to the country should be considered complete without sampling some of the beers of Belize.

There is only one domestic brewery in Belize: Belikin Beer, which is based in Belize City and uses the iconic Temple of the Masonry Altars from the ancient Maya site of Altun Ha as its logo. Indeed, “Belikin” is the Maya term for the Belize River which provides all of the water for the brewery.

Belikin’s motto is “Onli Eena Belize” which is Creole for “Only in Belize,” as the company is immensely proud to be entirely owned and operated by Belizeans.

Founded in 1969 by Sir Barry Bowen, Belikin makes a wide variety of Belize beers, including:

Belikin Beer – This is the company’s flagship product. A classic lager in the European style, this brew is 4.8% alcohol by volume. Most Belize resorts stock this beer as it is a popular favorite with visitors.

Belikin Stout – For those who like a hearty brew, Belikin Stout delivers a rich, velvety head with a savory smoky finish. Made with genuine German hops and Belizean cane sugar, Belikin Stout truly delivers.

Belikin Light – A lighter, crisper version of the standard Belikin beer. This is a pale golden lager that is 3.8% alcohol by volume.

Belikin Premium – You’ll taste the “premium” in this beer because it is made from two different types of hops from Europe and three different malts from Canada.

Guinness Stout – Belikin is an authorized brewer of this classic Irish beer with its deep, nut-brown color and iconic bitter overtones.

Chocolate Stout – Only available at select times, Chocolate Stout is a play on an ancient Maya recipe. Chocolate Stout has a creamy chocolate finish and goes great with a hearty meal.

Sorrel Stout – Also only available at select times, Sorrel Stout is a full-bodied beer flavored with local sorrel and made according to a traditional German recipe.

There are also a variety of imported beers widely available in Belize, including:

Red Stripe – The Jamaican classic, instantly recognizable by its stubby, round bottle.

Heineken – One of the world’s most popular beers, Heineken is a pale lager with a delightfully crisp finish.

Carib – A basic lager that comes from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dragon Stout – Another popular beer from Jamaica. Dragon Stout is somewhat similar to Guinness in that it has a rich, velvety taste and a lovely deep amber color.

If you’d like to sample some of the beers in Belize, be sure to book your vacation with Adventures in Belize (AIB). AIB specializes in creating Belize all-inclusive vacations that include tasting trips to places like the Belikin brewery in Belize City.