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The Belize Zoo


Belize is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world. Because of its diversity of animal, marine and plant species, the country has been designated as part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. Belize has made many efforts to protect its animal, marine and plant life and is one of the most ecologically friendly countries in Central America.

In accordance to its beliefs about protecting the animals and the environment, Belize has one of the most unique zoos on the planet. This beautiful zoo is located on 29 acres of pristine tropical savannah that has been left in its natural condition to enhance animal life.

The Belize Zoo contains 150 different animals. What is so unique about these animals is that they are all from Belize or Central America. All of the animals in the zoo lived in this area, were born or hatched in the zoo, or were injured in the wild and brought to the zoo for rehabilitation. There are not any animals in the zoo that are not native to this area, something that no other zoo can claim.

Animals that are injured and brought to the zoo are rehabilitated and released into the wild as soon as possible. Those whose injuries are too severe for them to be self-sufficient in the wild are given a home at the zoo permanently.

What is also so significant about this zoo is that the animals are not in cages or displays. These animals are left to live and interact with the other native animals in the zoo as if they were living in the wild. This creates a true “animal experience” for visitors and keeps the animals much happier and healthier.

This zoo is located only a few miles outside of Belize City and is easy to get to by local transportation. It is open daily for tours, and specialized tours are available. On average, a tour of the entire zoo takes about two hours to complete, but most people love this zoo so much that they stay for most of the day.

The Belize Zoo is one of the places that every visitor to Belize should experience. Its natural habitat and the unique diversity of the animals makes it entertaining and educational for people of all ages. The beauty of these animals, some of which are only found in Belize, is something that you will remember forever.




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