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Tips for Carefree Check-out from your Hotel

Most travelers-including ourselves- always manage to leave behind something or better yet, forget to do something or ask something when checking out at any hotel. It goes without saying that travelling gets technically difficult if there is more than one of you in your room or travel party. Think about families with kids-good gracious- how do they handle? Well, we thought we would share some helpful tips on how to check out from your hotel- tips creates a habit you will use every single time. Once you get the hang of the deal, it will become fool proof!


Tips for carefree check out


  1. Keep ALL valuables in your room safe. Have a regular code that you use all the time that makes hotel safe boxes- easy to manage. 
  2. In Room Safe

  3. Pack ahead of yourself. If you need to leave early the following day, start packing from the afternoon before. Always leave time for yourself to make several checks on what is left out and what needs to be added to your last packing.
  4. Packing

  5. Ask for your bill the evening before your check-out, even if you plan to check out at the appointed checkout time. This allows you time to review your bill and ask any questions ahead of the actual check out.  Ask about express checkout too! Most hotels have this available. 
  6. Check out sign

  7. Ask for a wake up call from the front desk. Set the time to be approx. 90 minutes prior to your actual departure. Then as a back-up, set your cell phone to wake you up in the event that the hotel wake up does not happen (yes they do forget-trust me). This time frame lets you shower, shave, dress and check your room before you head out!
  8. Front Desk

  9. Select what you will wear when leaving- ahead of time. If you are flying, ensure that your carry-on items are ready to go before hitting the sack.
  10. travelling products

  11. Before going to bed, do a final review of your bill, sign off and put along with your carry on/ purse for departure. Use the express checkout if possible. If you need to settle your bill with a credit card then make time to do so.
  12. express check out

  13. Save about 15 minutes before you actually leave the room to make TWO COMPLETE ROOM SWEEPS. This means- starting in one corner of your room, do a “look & feel” check. Look in every single corner, under every bed, in every drawer, in every outlet, on every ledge, behind the bathroom sink, toilet, in the shower, behind the curtains including the shower curtain, and even behind the TV for things that may still be plugged in, fallen behind or hidden from actual sight. When you finish, have your partner do the same thing or do it again yourself. When you have completed the two room sweeps, then and only then should you consider the room checked!
  14. Once your room sweeps are done, open the room safe and get out your valuables. Feel into the safe with your hand and ensure that NOTHING is lying in the dark corners of the box. If there is a foam bottom, lift it and check under that too. Leave the door open when you are done.
  15. Room Safe

  16. Call the front desk and ask for help with your bags. This request will allow you two more minutes of visually looking around for what COULD BE forgotten.
  17. When the bellman arrives for your bags, allow him to leave ahead of you. Gather your carry-on items/ purse/ laptop bag and visually ensure that NOTHING is left behind. Leaving behind the bellman also ensures that he/she takes everything that should go. 
  18. Bellman



As you checkout- you should feel confident that all is in order and you have taken care of the final detail. Oh and don’t forget to get your credit card back from the Front Desk agent!!!



The staff of Adventures in Belize hopes that these tips can help to make your departure from your hotel and from Belize as carefree as you deserve!

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