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Top Deals on Flights to Belize

Prices are especially good for travelers from across Central and South America who want to visit Belize. A new interline agreement between COPA Airlines, one of the largest airlines in Central America, and Tropic Air, a Belizean airline, mean that it's now more affordable than ever to enjoy a fantastic vacation or affordable business trip to Belize. 

The new agreement means that COPA Airlines passengers can continue on with their travels in Belize on Tropic Air using a single ticket and without having to re-check their baggage. Currently, COPA Airlines only flies to Belize non-stop from Panama City, Panama but its vast network across Latin America makes visiting Belize easy and affordable. 

Note: All international flights into Belize land at the Philip Goldson International Airport (code: BZE) in Ladyville, located just a few miles north of Belize City. 

Here's a snapshot of some recent round-trip fares: 

Cities: Belize City (BZE) <-> Panama City, Panama (PTY) 

Departure: September 4, 2018 

Return: September 11, 2018 

Prices starting at: $USD 371 

Cities: Belize City (BZE) <-> Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ) 

Departure: July 24, 2018 

Return: July 31, 2018 

Prices starting at: $USD 529 

Cities: Belize City (BZE) <-> Havana, Cuba (HAV) 

Departure: August 10, 2018 

Return: August 14, 2018 

Prices starting at: $USD 559 

Cities: Belize City (BZE) <-> Medellin, Colombia (MDE) 

Departure: September 11, 2018 

Return: September 25, 2018 

Prices starting at: $USD 355 

Cities: Belize City (BZE) <-> Bogota, Colombia (BOG) 

Departure: August 10, 2018 

Return: August 20, 2018 

Prices starting at: $USD 432 

Cities: Belize City (BZE) <-> Lima, Peru (LIM) 

Departure: August 21, 2018 

Return: August 28, 2018 

Prices starting at: $USD 876 

Belize is a small country on the Central American mainland located just south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Although English is the official language, large segments of the Belizean population are also bilingual in Spanish. 

Belize has the lowest population density of any country in Central America and is primarily a rural nation. Most of the mainland is covered in thick rainforest and verdant jungles. The vibrant ecosystem and spectacular vistas make it a popular tourist destination where activities like horseback riding, zip lining, canoeing, and cave tubing (floating down underground rivers) are very popular. 

Belize also has hundreds of offshore islands along the largest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere. Popular activities on the islands include sea kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling

Belize is also renowned for its incredibly friendly populace, great weather, and delicious food, including a panoply of fresh-caught seafood options such as lobster, conch, and fish.


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