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Top Reasons to Visit Ambergris Caye This Summer

Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize, and its colorful capital of San Pedro is a top tourist draw thanks to its lovely beaches, an abundance of seafood restaurants, and close proximity to the top scuba diving and snorkeling sites on the reef.

Here are some of the best reasons to visit Ambergris Caye this summer:


Everyone loves lobster! It's the world's most popular crustacean, and the best to experience the humble lobster in all its culinary glory is by attending San Pedro's Lobsterfest. 

Lobsterfest kicks off when the lobster fishing season opens in June and continues for an incredible 10 days of parties, games, dancing, drinks, artwork, and, of course, dozens of tasty lobster-themed dishes.

International Costa Maya Festival

What began as a regional showcase for Maya culture has since become one of the most popular annual festivals in the country. Today, the International Costa Maya Festival is a lively, three-day affair in August that includes a beauty pageant, street parades, games, and live music from top acts in Belize and across Central America.

The Belize Weather

Oh, did we mention the weather? In Belize, summertime is one endless season of sunny skies, warm water, and perfect temperatures to enjoy the great outdoors. T-shirts, shorts, and sandals are the only "uniform" you'll need when enjoying a summer vacation in Belize.

Snorkeling and Diving

Just a few miles offshore from Ambergris Caye lies the vast Belize Barrier Reef, the largest in the northern hemisphere. Home to hundreds of picturesque tropical islands, the reef is also an ideal place to enjoy activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Although coral reefs make up just 1% of the ocean's surface, they are home to a staggering 25% of all marine life. In Belize, a combination of crystal clear waters and a white sandy seafloor make the reef an ideal place to see vast schools of colorful fish, majestic rays, giant sea turtles, friendly dolphins, docile manatees, and other denizens of the deep.

The People

Madonna, the world-famous singer, was so impressed by the people of San Pedro after a vacation to Ambergris Caye that she went home and penned her 1986 hit song "La Isla Bonita" in gratitude. Today, the people of San Pedro are universally known as being incredibly friendly, welcoming, and hospitable. 

The Food

Besides the lobster, Ambergris Caye is also home to some of the best seafood in the country. Restaurants and bistros serve fresh-caught fish, lobster, conch, and other delicacies at very attractive prices. And Belize is famous for its street food where tasty treats like fry jacks and tacos are sold for just a few dollars.

Adventures in Belize

If you're interested in visiting Ambergris Caye this summer, be sure to book your tours and accommodations with Adventures in Belize (AIB). AIB works with all of the top resorts, hotels, and lodges in Ambergris Caye and can also arrange for transportation and guided tours to popular activities like snorkeling and scuba diving on the reef, exploring ancient Maya cities, and outdoor adventures.