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Why not Belize?

Coming up with a list for 2016 vacations? Think BELIZE! Located in a cozy corner of the Central American isthmus, this small, tropical country is the newest spot to hit the travel destinations of the world. Make this the “once in a lifetime” vacation event on your bucket list- see a different world than the one you are used to and then consider how close it is to North America. 
If this is to be a family vacation with your family- even better!  Turn this into a fabulous vacation and an educational one as well-  experience together the fascinating underwater world while snorkeling, learn about the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System and the ways Belize works hard at keeping it- one of nature's best-kept secrets! Learn about the rich history of the Maya and where they are today- there is so much to learn, see and taste!”

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Belize Blue Hole


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