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GQ Magazine: Skip Tulum This Winter and Travel to Belize Instead

GQ, a leading monthly magazine which focuses on fashion, style, and culture, has published an article recommending visiting Belize this winter in their November edition.

The Yucatán coast of southeastern Mexico, including cities like Tulum and Cancún, has long been a popular winter destination for Americans and Canadians. But with tens of millions of visitors each year and an infrastructure badly suffering from overcrowding, it no longer compares favorably to nearby Belize. As GQ noted in their article, Belize has a lot to offer, including the fact that the national language is English and that Belize is a sparsely populated country (fewer than 500,000 residents) as opposed to the megacities found in Mexico. GQ also noted that many Hollywood celebrities and VIPs have already set up shop in Belize, including Sofia Coppola and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Belize also got high marks from GQ for its complete lack of skyscraper hotels and overcrowded resorts. GQ also noted that Belize is very easy to travel through as its people are “famously hospitable” and friendly. There are two domestic airlines in Belize – Maya Island Air and Tropic Air – which make it easy to take short-hop flights to just about any corner of the country as well as connecting to nearby destinations in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Per the GQ article, it costs less than $100 to fly from Belize City to the southernmost district of Toledo or to visit the charming Placencia Peninsula on the southeastern coast. GQ also gave high marks for the local wine as well as the plethora of delicious rum cocktails that are popular with expats and locals alike.

The GQ article also included a hypothetical week-long itinerary which includes recommendations to explore the rainforest, kayak down a jungle river, sample some fly-fishing, tour an animal sanctuary, visit a traditional village to make traditional foods like chocolate, and then head to the reef to enjoy some snorkeling or scuba diving. The GQ article only touched on some of the many activities available which include bird watching, zip lining, visiting an ancient Maya site, cave tubing (floating down subterranean rivers), and horseback riding.

If you’re interested in heeding GQ’s advice and visiting Belize this winter, you can rely on Adventures in Belize (AIB) for all of your travel needs. AIB can help you plan an itinerary, stick to a budget, and arrange for lodging, ground transportation, and participating in guided excursions to the top destinations in the country.

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