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Lip smacking, finger licking fruit treats of Belize!

Kinnep, Coco Plum, Craboo, and Molly Apple may sound like local nooks and crannies in little Belize, but in actuality they are names of native fruits that thrive in Belize’s rich tropical soil. While Belize boasts a wealth of delicious tropical fruits, most of our produce have a fresh, unique taste just as their quality. The most common are bananas, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and melons. Below is a list of the unique fruits that are native to Belize which form a fundamental part of our heritage and identity.


Local Name: “Mamey”

This is a very unusual fruit that are seasonal and unique to the Caribbean and in Belize. The flesh is salmon or red in color and has a sweet taste with a texture similar to custard.  Mamey has a very distinctive flavour which blends well with milk, other fruits, and is especially tasty in smoothies.


Mamey Apple

Local Name: “Sowa Sap”

This flowering, evergreen tree produces a delectable fruit called “Soursop”. This heart-shaped fruit is covered with a leathery but tender, inedible, bitter skin, which projects short “spines”.  The tips break off easily when the fruit is fully ripe. The fruit is made into juices and even as an ice cream flavour in Belize.



Local Name: “Five fingers”

When sliced crossway, this fruit resembles a star which is fitting for its name given in Belize; the Star Fruit. The fruit has a thin glossy golden-yellow skin and a translucent yellow flesh. A star fruit, which does not have to be peeled, may be sweet or tart depending on the variety. It may be eaten whole, or used in salads, desserts, or as a garnish.


Star Fruit

Local Name: “Craboo”

Craboo is a fruit that you can either love to eat or hate to eat. These little stinky treats are popular among the Belizean populace but are not much of a favourite with our visitors. In Belize, trees blossom in the dry season, and fruits ripen from July thru September. Fruits fall off the tree when ripe and are mainly harvested after they fall to the ground.



Local Name: “Dragan Froot”

Dragon fruit or Pitaya is among the most nutritious and exotic fruits found in Belize. Typically, the fruit has a red pulp, or red flesh and originates from the dragon fruit cactus plant, which usually grows like a vine. The best way to describe it, is kind of like a white kiwi – in terms of consistency and flavour.


Dragon Fruit

And while most of Belize’s fruits are seasonal such as kinnep, mangoes, cashews and berries; every month or so, local vendors and produce vendors would have another seasonal fruit to feature on their stands. And while our mix of available fruits are limited, it does not take away from each of their savoury flavours.