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Made up of the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts, northern Belize is seemingly plain and unassuming on the outside, but once cracked, its beauty will stir a sense of adventure and nature within you. Northern Belize provides a variety of rich culture, history and nature, more so than any other part of Belize and while it is not a priority destination for tourists, venturing off the main roads turns your journey into an adventure. 

The jungle in the west provides the highest concentration of jaguars and other wild cats in the country while the coastal lagoons in the east is rich with storks, herons and even the endangered manatee. In between all of this flows rivers full of crocs, turtle and tarpon.


The natural wealth of the northern Belize was not lost on the Maya. Today, remains of ancient Maya settlements are scattered throughout the two northern districts. The north is still populated by the Mayas, Spanish and more recently, Mennonite farmers. Come explore and learn and see why your next visit to Belize should be in the north.