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Northern Belize – What You Need To Know


The north of Belize is overrun with beautiful stretches of orange groves, glistening beachfronts, and untapped wilderness, but that doesn’t mean it’s desolate of human life.

While there’s enough unexplored territory to get out and enjoy nature all by your lonesome, there are also plenty of villages and towns with welcoming locals ready to take you into their homes.

The 3,000 square miles of the territory that makes up the north is home to only 80,000 residents, and the area will be a sharp and delightful diversion for those used to more urban environments. Much of the developed land is occupied by farms, ranches, and orange groves.

But if you’re looking to get a little closer to civilization, Belize City is never too far away. There are two main districts in northern Belize.

Corozal Town, the seat of the Corozal District, sits a scant nine miles from Mexico, and that gives it the ambiance of a border town. While much of the town was rebuilt after a hurricane struck in the mid-1950s, the new settlement is built over an ancient Maya city, and that makes it an ideal destination for explorers with a thirst for history. Orange Walk is the capital of the self-named district, and it’s notable for its Mennonite settlements and its abundance of Maya sites.

Both districts are largely rural, and there’s a homey feel to their towns. The close proximity of both districts to the border give it a comforting Mexican vibe, and you’ll find plenty of tasty but familiar cuisine like tacos and empanadas at the surrounding bars and restaurants. While the towns are warm and rich with things to do, more adventurous explorers will want to set out on the back roads and explore the rich variety of villages littering the region.

The local color is one of the most inviting reasons to visit northern Belize, but there’s plenty of natural majesties as well. Crooked Tree Wildlife Reserve is a well-preserved stretch of land home to one of the most abundant bird populations around, but it’s also occupied by iguanas, crocodiles, and more. Visitors can get up close and personal by renting a canoe and taking a journey down the interlocking network of waterways.

There’s so much to do in northern Belize that it can be hard to know where to start. Adventures in Belize can help you come up with a perfect Belize vacation itinerary. We have established close relationships with hotels and resorts in the region to help take the legwork out of planning a Belize vacation.

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