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Top Reasons to Visit Belize in the Fall

Savvy travelers know that fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Belize. At a time when many people are heading back to school or work, vacation destinations like Belize see fewer visitors. But unlike North America where fall is a time of increasingly cold weather, Belize continues to enjoy warm, sunny weather throughout the season.

Here are some great reasons to visit Belize in autumn:

1 – Great Deals 

Hotels, lodges, and resorts begin marking down their prices during fall in order to entice travelers during the offseason. In some cases, you can save hundreds of dollars on Belize all-inclusive packages! Many tour operators, too, reduce their prices during the autumn months.

2 – No Crowds 

With the hordes heading back to school or work, fall is the perfect time to visit some of the most popular places in Belize such as the island of Ambergris Caye or the offshore reef. Restaurants, bars, and nightspots are also less crowded, too. Whether it’s swimming at the base of a jungle waterfall or strolling along a beach, you won’t have to fend off the crowds when you visit Belize in the fall.

3 – Seafood 

Belize has always been a fishing nation, and the tradition continues to live on today. Conch season begins in October, and this sweet and succulent seafood should be on every foodie’s list. Lobster is also available during the early months of fall.

4 – Parties and Festivals 

It may be the “low season” for tourists, but fall is when some of Belize’s most exciting and exuberant festivals take place. Towns and villages hold fairs, parades, and patriotic celebrations throughout the entire month of September leading up to Independence Day on September 21. There are also live music concerts, beauty pageants, and street dancing events throughout the fall.

5 – It’s a Great Time to Meet the Locals 

Belizeans are remarkably friendly, welcoming, and hospitable people. Visiting during the “off-season” is a great way to meet local people in Belize whether it’s through a visit to a traditional village or by striking up a conversation in a bar or restaurant. Belizeans are very proud of their culture, country, and heritage, and they love to share this bounty with others. Don’t be surprised if you even get invited to share in a family celebration!

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