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Discover Hopkins Village in Southern Belize

Named after a popular American priest who visited the area in 1941, Hopkins is a village located on the beautiful Caribbean coast in southeastern Belize.


Often described as the friendliest village in Belize, Hopkins is home to the Garifuna people, a unique Afro-Caribbean culture that was recognized by the United Nations in 2001 for their food, music, dance, and language. Comprising just 4% of Belize’s population, the Garifuna are perhaps best well-known for their traditional animal skin drums that are used just as much for storytelling as they are for creating lively rhythms made for dancing.


Hopkins Village is perfectly situated where the foothills of the misty Maya Mountains meet the Caribbean coastline. Just a short distance away from some of Belize’s most pristine parks and wildlife sanctuaries, Hopkins’s 1,500-strong community continue to practice traditional handicrafts and heading out to sea in small boats to fish the rich waters of the Caribbean.


Many people come to Hopkins simply because of its beauty, the village bisected by a large bay. With a smattering of boutique shops, resorts, and bars, Hopkins has increasingly become a popular visitor destination. The Garifuna are rightfully proud of their long heritage, and regularly conduct workshops to cook their traditional foods as well as exhibitions of their dancing and drumming for delighted audiences.


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