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Top Birding Vacations in Belize

Looking for a great place to spot an incredible variety of avian species in their natural habitat? More than 600 species of birds have been recorded in Belize, and the month of May is one of the best times to spot these feathered wonders in the wild.

The Audubon Society is very active in Belize and has identified six Important Birding Areas in the country. In addition, the Audobon Society also maintains several national parks and wilderness areas to help protect and preserve the natural habitats of Belize's avian species.

Here are three great birding vacation options in Belize:

Caves Branch Nature Vacation

The Lodge is located deep in the heart of the rainforest in central Belize, home to some of the most exotic and rare bird species in the country. Thick foliage and towering tree canopies make this environment the perfect place to spot unusual and beautiful bird species in the wild.

The Caves Branch Nature Vacation package includes lodging, drinks, meals, and guided birding tours led by an experienced local naturalist. Both daytime and nighttime birding expeditions are available at three different Important Birding Areas across Belize managed by the Audobon Society.

Lamanai Lodge Nature Vacation

Located just outside the ruins of the ancient Maya city of Lamanai, the lodge is perfectly situated for bird enthusiasts. The surrounding countryside is home to thick, untouched rainforests, jungles, and other habitats that are home to hundreds of different bird species.

The Lamanai Lodge birding package includes lodging, meals, and both daytime and nighttime bird tours with an experienced local naturalist. The tour also includes a dawn canoe trip to spot even more birds, a trip to the nearby Lamanai Maya ruins, and a visit to a local village to learn more about the different cultures and communities in Belize.

Signature Birding Tours by Roni

Roni Martinez is a native of Belize and an avid conservationist. Since 2009, Roni has dedicated himself full-time to nature lore and is nationally recognized for his extensive knowledge of bird species in Belize. He has also worked to help protect threatened and endangered bird species in Belize such as Scarlet Macaw flocks which nest in the Chiquibul National Park.

Roni gives bird lovers the chance to trek through some of the wildest, most untouched parts of Belize in order to spot rare and exotic species. Nobody is more passionate or knowledge about birds than Roni Martinez.


If you'd like to enjoy a great birding vacation in Belize, book your trip with Adventures in Belize (AIB). AIB also offers a wide variety of Belize vacations that include tours such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, hiking, cave tubing, horseback riding and tours to ancient Maya cities.